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01. Does the Club operate just during the normal basketball season?

No, the Southeast Portland Girls Basketball Club program is year round with league and local tournament games during the regular season (November–March) and camps, clinics, open gyms, optional spring and fall league play, small group training and other events throughout the rest of the year.


02. When does the regular basketball season begin and end?

The regular season begins in early to mid-November with team practices. Some 5th–8th grade teams could play one preseason local tournament in late November or December. All teams, including 1st and 2nd grade, begin regular season play in January. The season ends in early March.


03. Do club players have to live in SE Portland or go to a SE Portland school in order to participate?

No, we have players from around the Portland area. We don't care where players go to school.


04. What grade levels are the club teams and at what grade can girls participate?

The club creates and operates teams from 1st-8th grade.


05. When did the club begin and how many teams does it currently have?

The club began in 2014 and currently operates 27 1st-8th grade teams. We are growing rapidly and expect to add an additional 10-12 teams by the 2022-23 season.


06. Does the Club have a specific program for 1st and 2nd grade players and teams?

The club runs a special program for 1st and 2nd graders. Teams are formed and they practice on a regular basis like all of our teams. They play other club 1st and 2nd grade teams and participate in an end of season tournament. Players are taught fundamental skills, play skill games, scrimmage, learn about playing on a team, and most importantly ⏤ have fun!

07. When do you hold tryouts for new and returning players?

Any girl who wants to play on a club team can. We don't have tryouts. However, we expect players to participate in the off season club activities whenever family schedules permit, as they're designed to help players significantly improve their individual and team/game skills. Most off season activities are free or at minimal cost.


08. Do players play on the same team each season or are they assigned to new teams each year?

Generally, players stay on their team through the 8th grade.


09. At what level do your club teams play?

Our 3rd and 4th grade teams play at the “rec" level in a citywide league. Teams 5th-8th grade will play some “rec” level games each season, but will play increasingly at local/regional tournament level. Our goal has always been to make sure all of our players, whether or not they have an interest to play in high school, have the game experience and advanced skills necessary to play basketball at either level.


10. How much does it cost for my daughter to participate?

Any girl who wants to play can do so regardless of family economic issues. Payment plans and scholarships are available. Parents pay an annual player fee of $135 for 1st and 2nd graders, $210 for 3rd graders, and $290 for 4th–8th graders. The fee for all grade levels covers the cost of games, uniforms, basketballs and other team equipment as well as covering the cost of one 2 day camp for 1st–3rd grade, and one 4 day camp for 4th grade and above. Players also receive a hoody and club t-shirt.


Still have questions?

Not a problem. Call Steve at 503-887-2928 ⏤ he'd be happy to help.

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