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Club Accomplishments


  • Five of our 6th through 8th grade teams won one or more qualifying tournaments and were invited, and played in, the 2018 Middle School State Championship Tournament in Central Oregon.  Great accomplishment of players and coaches.


  • Our 8th grade team, Warriors, coached by Steve Blaha, Zack Vestal, Scott Denning, Annette Kloeppel, and incredibly adminstered by Charmaine Courcelle, participated in the Middle School State Championship tournament 3 years in a row.  A great achievement.


  • Our four “Core Camps – JR Focus, Senior Focus, QuickHandle “Heat” Ball Control Camp, and the QuickHandle “Trigger” Shooting Camp, were well attended and players demonstrably improved their skills…and had fun!


  • A number of our teams playing in the Portland Parks “Goldenball league” took first or second in their Grade and Division at their end of season tournament.


  • Brought on two additional Club sponsors – Cloud City Ice Cream and Papa Murphy’s.


  • Received a large grant from the Southwest Portland Rotary Foundation.


  • Club entered a record 12 teams in the Spring HoopSource League, a substantial increase over the last two years.


  • More of our teams this year played more games at the competitive level than in the past as individual and team skills have substantially improved.


2018 – 19 Season –

We look forward to:


  • Substantial new team growth;
  • Increased competitive play by more of our teams;
  • Continued individual player skill and leadership growth; and
  • Greater opportunities for our players.