Club Accomplishments


  • Our four “Core Camps – JR Focus, Senior Focus, QuickHandle “Heat” Ball Control Camp, and the QuickHandle “Trigger” Shooting Camp, were well attended and players demonstrably improved their skills…and had fun!


  • A number of our teams playing in the Portland Parks “Goldenball league” took first or second in their Grade and Division at their end of season tournament.


  • Brought on two additional Club sponsors – Cloud City Ice Cream and El Nutri Taco.


  • Received two large grants from the Southwest Portland Rotary Foundation.
  • More of our teams this year played more games at the competitive level than in the past.


2019- 20 Season –

We look forward to:


  • Substantial new team growth;
  • Increased competitive play by more of our teams;
  • Continued individual player skill and leadership growth; and
  • Greater opportunities for our players.