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1.   We encourage all players to participate in other sports and non sport activities. Because Club activities are year round we know that players will be participating in other activities during the “off season” and may be unable to participate in all Club activities…and that is “OK.” However we offer significant off season opportunities for players so that their skill levels increase substantially and teams are ready for regular season play.
Players and parents need to commit to off season participation so
that players are not way behind when the season begins.  This is a
major commitment.  We are a competitive program. However, during the “regular season” from mid to late October through mid March we fully expect all players to be at practices and all games…with all the normal family related exceptions!

2.   Team operating costs are high as the club pays the cost of uniforms, league and tournament play, basketballs, and other practice and team related equipment.  Our participation costs are low as Club fees cover less than 50% of team and club operating costs.  The balance is raised primarily from parents participating in several very simple, quick and easy fundraisers.  Therefore parent involvement is critical to achieving our funding goals and all parents are expected to participate.

3.   Finally, our open gyms, clinics and camps, and other special individual and team skill development events occur mostly in the “off season.”   We strongly urge parents to bring their daughters to these events.  They are fun, rigorous, build player confidence and self esteem, FUN, and help players bond.


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